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TrueMedicines provides a new way for consumers to discover the purity and efficacy of nutraceutical products based on data science algorithms evaluating millions of data points. We are developing a blockchain supply chain for suppliers and a loyalty-exchange to incentivize and reward customers to purchase products they trust.


The TRUEX token fuels the blockchain ecosystem for consumers, merchants, and suppliers.

TrueMedicines Supply Chain

Easily integrate, or simply push, your supply chain and IOT data to our Seed-to-Sale blockchain. This allows you to show your buyers, and eventually the end consumer, your product provenance.

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TrueMedicines Purity Score

Using our nutraceuticals dataset, with hundreds of millions of datapoints and growing, and your supply chain and IOT data, we apply machine learning models, and natural language processing to provide a product Purity Score to market your product.

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Our supply chain uses the blockchain to provide transparency to suppliers and merchants. We track seed-to-sale for nutraceutical products like vitamins and supplements.

We market directly to your customers with short, mobile-friendly surveys. In exchange customers receive TRUEX tokens that they can use within the TrueMedicines ecosystem to buy products from merchants.

TRUEX Ecosystem

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