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TrueMedicines is using evidence based data to find specific nutraceuticals for specific medical conditions. Our mission is to find the ideal product profile with the most efficacy and the least side effects for medical conditions like chronic pain, PTSD and arthritis.


Why is this important? 


Nutraceuticals are considered supplements, not drugs, which means there are insufficient clinical trials to prove the efficacy of these powerful plant-based healing remedies. We are filling the gap left by insufficient clinical trials.

Because of this lack of science-backed data consumers are forced to guess and then experiment with different products, dosages and methods of administration. TrueMedicines is working to solve this problem and we’ve already made new discoveries. We are conducting research that has never been done before. We are an artificial intelligence company using deep learning and natural language processing to create the world's largest evidence based dataset for nutraceuticals. 


Read our research papers: 

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